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There are a bunch of cat health myths out there in the universe! Here are 9 different cat health myths that you need to know about to keep your pet safe! Each has a video. Enjoy… 

Myth #1 – Indoor Cats Are Never Exposed to the Outdoors

Myth #2 – Only Dogs Get Heartworms

Myth #3 – Litter Boxes Only Contain Litter

Myth #4 – The Balcony Doesn’t Count as Outside

Myth #5 – Fido is the Only Thing Coming Through the Doggy Door

Myth #6 – Shoes Are Safe Play Toys

Myth #7 – A Cat Carrier Keeps Parasites Out

Myth #8 – A Little Dirt Never Hurt Any Cat

Myth #9 – Grooming is Good Clean Fun

See why cat owners prefer allowing Gwendolyn Steffen DVM to manage their cat’s health care.

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