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Preventive care examinations or check-ups should occur a minimum of once a year for cats, and more frequently for senior cats and those with chronic conditions. During your cat’s checkups, we will be discussing nutrition, lifestyle, environmental enrichment, disease & parasite prevention, and behavior.

7 Signs That Your Cat Is In Pain

  1. A decrease in normal activity
  2. A decreased desire to jump up on surfaces he/she normally jumps onto
  3. Slowness to get up
  4. May cry or move away from petting
  5. Does not want to be picked up and handled as usual
  6. Limping
  7. A decrease in grooming habits

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About Dr. Gwendolyn Steffen DVM

Gwendolyn Steffen DVM is a full-service veterinary medical facility offering both traditional and alternative veterinary medicine. Our goal is to give your pet a long, happy, and healthy life. Dr. Gwendolyn Steffen and her professional staff seek to provide the best possible medical care, surgical care, and dental care for your pets.
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