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Gwendolyn Steffen DVM is an American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) Member and that means that we take specific extra steps to assure we understand a cat’s unique needs and we have implemented feline-friendly standards at our practice.

About the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP)

The American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) supports its members in improving the health and welfare of cats through high standards of practice, continuing education, and evidence-based medicine. They are the trusted leaders in feline health and welfare for the veterinary community and cat caregivers. The AAFP works to improve the standards of feline health, in part by providing its members with progressive research and valuable resources which include, but are not limited to, peer-reviewed scientific research in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery, breakthrough continuing education offered at the AAFP Conferences and other feline tracks, and the well-respected and highly utilized practice guidelines and position statements compiled by the AAFP.

A Cat Owner Testimonial for AAFP Member Practices Like Ours

A Dozen Cool Cat Facts

  1. Cats have been domesticated for around 4,000 years.
  2. A group of cats is called a clowder and a group of kittens is called a kindle
  3. Cats are now the most popular pet in the UK and in the US.
  4. Cats have 30 teeth (dogs have 42)
  5. Cats have a reflective layer in their eyes, known as the tapetum lucidum, which magnifies incoming light allowing them to see up to 6 times better than humans can in low light.
  6. Cats (as well as dogs) also have a ‘third eyelid’ called the nictitating membrane which is found on the inside corner of the eye which is an extra protective function of the eye.
  7. Cats have 32 muscles in their ears (humans have only 12), giving them the ability to locate prey such as mice and hear frequencies that are both below and above those that can be heard by humans.
  8. A cat’s ear also has the job of helping them to maintain balance and the ability to right themselves when falling
  9. More cats are left-pawed than right.
  10. A cat’s tongue is coarse like sandpaper and covered in tiny backwards facing thorn like barbs that guide food to the back of the mouth.
  11. A cat’s rough tongue is perfectly designed for grooming and lapping up water.
  12. Cats can retract their front claws to keep them sharp for climbing and hunting

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About Dr. Gwendolyn Steffen DVM

Gwendolyn Steffen DVM is a full-service veterinary medical facility offering both traditional and alternative veterinary medicine. Our goal is to give your pet a long, happy, and healthy life. Dr. Gwendolyn Steffen and her professional staff seek to provide the best possible medical care, surgical care, and dental care for your pets.
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