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All pets can suffer heat-related illness in the summer if not watched carefully. Heat stress is serious business but it can be prevented. If heat exhaustion is left untreated it can result in heat stroke. When you pet’s body can no longer cool itself down, they damage their internal organs or brain or die. Symptoms of heat exhaustion in cats, dogs, and other mammals include excessive sweating, fever, seizures, delirious disposition, lethargy, increased heart rate, heavy panting, decreased appetite, and dehydration.The signs are similar in cold-blooded pets, with the exception of sweating. The following tips will help your pet have a safe and happy summer…

Provide Shade for Your Pet

Avoid leaving your pet in direct sun for multiple hours.

Don’t Over Exercise Your Pet

Try not to overexert your animal in extreme heat. Early morning and evening exercise would be better decisions than taking your pet out in the heat of the day.  Remember that asphalt can burn your pets feet.

A Short Haircut Doesn’t Cool Your Pet Down

Longer fur in the winter keeps your pet warmer but in the summer you pet can use longer fur as an insulator. Wind through longer fur can also increase air flue to their skin to aid heat release.

Never Leave You Pet In a Parked Car

Even if the windows are cracked on a parked car, they act like toaster ovens quickly.

Have Water Available 

Keep fresh and cool water available for your pet at all times.

Is Your Pet is Showing Signs of Heat Related Illness? 

If your pet is shows signs of a heat-related illness then…

  1. Line up emergency veterinary care as quickly as possible.
  2. Try to cool your pet down with a fan and water while you are arranging emergency vet care.
  3. Rub alcohol on your pet’s paw pads because it can extract heat from their bodies more quickly than normal.
  4. Have them lay on tile flooring or shaded cement instead of blankets, hay, or carpet when possible.
  5. Dab a cool towel to the ears of dogs, cats, and mammals because it can relieve some of the heat stress more quickly.
  6. Remove any articles of clothing or equipment like bandanas, bridles, saddles, or collars.

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